Andrew James Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Filter Coffee Maker with Grinder | Anti-Drip 1.5L Carafe with Timer & Keep Warm Functions | 1100W | Stainless Steel with Blue LED Display Panel

BEAN TO CUP COFFEE MAKER WITH INTEGRATED GRINDER — Delicious hot coffee when you want it with the Andrew James Bean to Cup Coffee Machine. This digital machine is simple to use and can make 2 – 12 cups of fresh coffee at a time. The integrated grinder lets you make freshly ground coffee from your own beans without the effort of using a separate grinder.
24 HOUR TIMER WITH 30 MINUTE KEEP WARM — The fully programmable timer means your hot, fresh coffee can be waiting for you first thing in the morning when you wake up, after you get back from a morning jog or ready for when you get back from work. The coffee maker starts making coffee when you want it without you needing to be present. Don’t worry if you’re delayed, the 30min keep warm function has you covered.
1.5 LITRE CARAFE WITH ANTI-DRIP FEATURE — The large capacity carafe lets you make plenty of coffee for everyone in the house or office. You can use it to refill the coffee maker and the clear window on the side lets you see exactly how much water you have in the machine. The anti-drip function will stop the coffee being dispensed as soon as the jug is removed from the plate, so you can pour your first cup whilst the rest of the coffee is brewing.

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Andrew James Cafetiere Stainless Steel French Press 1000ml 6 Cup | Double Walled Insulation for Hot Barista Style Coffee | Large Jug with Cool-Touch Handle Measuring Spoon & Bag Sealing Clip

STAINLESS STEEL CAFETIERE – The Andrew James Cafetiere is made from high quality stainless steel with a lustrous finish that can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher, making it ideal for commercial, restaurant, office or home use.
3 CUP CAPACITY – This large cafetiere holds 350ml which is plenty for 2 large cups of coffee, or 3 smaller ones. You can use it to create lattes, chai tea, cappuccinos, espressos and mochas with your own ground coffee and have plenty of fresh coffee to keep you going throughout the day.
DOUBLE WALLED INSULATION WITH COOL TOUCH HANDLE – Your coffee stays nice and warm in this insulated caftiere because of the double walled design. Because this is a metal cafetiere the risk of breakages from glass insulation, or leaching from plastic, is removed. The cool touch handle makes pouring easy, no matter how hot your coffee is.

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Andrew James Electric Coffee Grinder Also For Nut and Spice Grinding – Wet and Dry Ingredients – 200W

ELECTRIC COFFEE GRINDER — Make grinding coffee beans easy with the Andrew James Electric Coffee Grinder. Finished in brushed stainless steel this 200w grinder is ideal for a range of tasks around the kitchen, including making those fresh cups of hot coffee.
COMES WITH 2 BLADES FOR WET AND DRY INGREDIENTS — Use the flat blade for grinding dry ingredients whilst the cross blade is perfect for wet ingredients like pates and purees. Both blades are easy to remove and simple to clean, just rinse under the tap.
70 GRAM CAPACITY — With this large capacity your coffee grinder can process enough beans for up to 10 cups of freshly brewed coffee. Despite its generous volume the machine itself is a compact 9.5cm x 11cm x 20.5cm.

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Andrew James Espresso Machine Barista Coffee Machine with 15 Bar Pump and Milk Frother | Ideal for Home Kitchen | Reusable Stainless Steel Filter | Removable 1.4L Water Tank | Cup Warmer | 850W

PROFESSIONAL BARISTA COFFEE MAKER MACHINE — The Andrew James Barista Filter Coffee Maker is both elegant and practical. Finished in brushed stainless steel it has a die-cast aluminium alloy boiler that with efficient heat conducting properties. It is ideal for making all sorts of coffee such as cappuccinos, espresso, lattes, macchiatos or just a flat white. There’s also a high pressure milk frother and dual layer stainless steel filters to add to the authenticity of your homemade coffees.
LARGE WATER TANK AND 2 FILTER OPTIONS — The water tank has a large 1.4 litre capacity so you can store plenty of water for multiple cups of coffee. You can refill the tank in two different ways. Either lift the lid and fill it using a jug of water, or remove the water tank and take it to the tap for filling. The coffee maker comes with two filter options; single cup or double cup. The filters are dual layer and made from stainless steel which helps to intensify the flavour of the coffee.
HIGH PRESSURE MILK FROTHER WITH ADJUSTABLE STEAM PRESSURE — Froth your milk to make a delicious foamy latte or cappuccino. This coffee maker includes a milk frother with adjustable pressure so you can make your froth exactly the way you like it, whether that’s nice and creamy or bone dry. The frothing nozzle is detachable so you can use your steam wand to heat other liquids and make tasty drinks like peppermint hot chocolate, chai tea and even eggnog lattes.

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Andrew James Filter Coffee Maker with Timer | Programmable Automatic Drip Machine with Digital LED Display for Delay Start Timer & Keep Warm Functions | 1.8L / 15 Cup Carafe & Warming Plate | 1100w (Grey)

AUTOMATIC FILTER COFFEE MAKER — The Andrew James Automatic Filter Coffee Machine is great for use in both the home and the office. It has a large capacity and reusable filter for economy along with a timer and keep warm functions. The flip up lid on the top makes it easy to refill and we’ve included a measuring spoon to help you add the right amount of filter coffee each time.
LARGE CAPACITY 1.8L CARAFE — The glass carafe can hold up to 1.8 litres of water, which could be enough to make up to 15 cups of freshly brewed hot coffee. There are volume markers on the side of the glass so you can see how much water you are adding to the coffee machine via the easy to use flip up lid on the coffee maker. The carafe itself has an ergonomic handle to make it easy to pour, and a lid to help minimise splashes and spills.
START TIMER AND KEEP WARM FUNCTIONS — Making coffee is simple with the easy to use control panels and the clear LED display panel. You can set your machine to start making coffee when you want it using the delay timer of up to 2 hours, perfect if you want a fresh brew on your break in the office. Don’t worry if you are delayed, the warming plate will keep the carafe warm for up to 30 minutes so you can also go back for a top up.

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